Two months in

It’s been two months since we began this journey and although there’s not much to show for it here, there has been steady progress on the switching. Some changes have simply involved a switch back to previously abandoned practices like using Soapnuts, while others like DIY oat milk, have involved the learning of new practices and a new routine. We are also discovering that just as organic food is priced for the more privileged members of society so too are many of the alternative purchases required to take plastic completely out of the loop. I feel that because of this there is a very real danger that ‘Plastic Free’ will be seen as a middle class fad and an impossible ideal and therefore be shunned by many. I will write more on this in a future post!

So what switches have we made so far? Well among the first things tried were bamboo toothbrushes and plastic free loo roll (more on loo roll in the next post). We have sourced milk in returnable glass bottles and we have pretty much eliminated plastic from our dishwashing routine, packed lunches and pet food. Our laundry is plastic free and about to become even more environmentally sound as I’ve decided to go back to soapnuts after a ten year break! As an almost all female household we’re working on the sanitary protection too. I can no longer use my Mooncup (for reasons you really don’t want me to go into!) so it’s become even more important for me to source effective, plastic free cloth pads. There will be a post (possibly several} on this too at some point as it’s not proving as easy as I thought.

We’re well on with the switch over to plastic free cleaning alternatives and have reduced the amount of plastic for some things by making our own or bulk buying. Our shopping habits still need to change dramatically but we’re hoping that things will fall into place when we move to a more urban setting at the end of the year and everything is within walking distance, including a Weigh n Save store! Normally at this time of year I would be busy with the vegetable plot, ensuring a supply of plastic free salad and veg but as we are (hopefully) moving before the year is out I need to concentrate on other things. I have some herbs in pots and have sown a few things in moveable containers but it will be slim pickings from the garden this year.

Oh and I almost forgot! I made my first beeswax wrap yesterday! There are a couple of different methods floating around the web and I think I picked the messiest and most awkward one. I opted for iron and two sheets of greaseproof and oh did I make a mess! It’s a good job I stumbled across two spare irons in the loft last week! My wrap also ended up unevenly coated and very stiff so if anyone has any useful advice I would be eternally grateful! It certainly hasn’t put me off trying again so watch this space.

Well that’s it for now. Off to the farm shop with the empties for more plastic free milk. Back soon with a post all about loo roll!

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