I Give A Crap and I want Naked Loo Roll!

the hunt for affordable plastic free toilet roll.

One of the first things to receive our attention on the plastic free journey was the humble toilet roll. I have to say that initially we thought we’d cracked it and it was a case of swap done but unfortunately we have hit a stumbling block and it’s a stumbling block that I think many people will fall at through no fault of their own. Cost!

It doesn’t matter how many sums you do, how many trials you do to see how long a roll actually lasts, the reality is that plastic free toilet roll can cost more than four times as much per roll than a cheap value brand! To families on a low income that is just too much of a difference to even begin to consider. But you don’t need to give up on the idea of a plastic free or even just a switch to a recycled loo roll (if you don’t already buy recycled) as there are some affordable options. You just need to know where to look.

I have compiled a list below of what’s on offer and have included links. For comparison I have included a budget brand from the supermarket

Brand Paper Packaging Cost per roll
Who Gives A Crap 100% recycled Paper 75p
Greencane 100% recycled Paper & Compostable film 53p
Essential Trading 100% recycled Compostable film 50p
Eco Leaf 100% recycled LDPE recyclable plastic

(by some councils)

Sainsburys Supersoft Recycled 100% recycled LDPE recyclable plastic

(by some councils)

Sofcell  (budget brand) Not recycled Plastic wrapper 17p


We rushed into the toilet roll switch and ordered a 48 roll box from Who Gives a Crap. I was seduced by pretty packaging and all that talk of double length rolls. Their cost per 100 sheets was also looking pretty at 18.8p. But (or should that be butt!), what they don’t tell you is that their sheets are smaller than normal! Yep you read that right. Their sheets are actually square instead of the usual rectangular shape and this is how they can keep the cost per 100 sheets down! Sneaky trick Who Gives A Crap! Unfortunately my gripe with WGAC doesn’t end there. Each roll comes individually wrapped in a funky paper wrapper. That’s great I hear you say, it’s recycled paper ain’t it! Well yes but it will take an awful lot more energy and resources to wrap individual rolls than it would to wrap say 9 or 12. Even better would be a bulk buy cardboard box option full of naked packaging free rolls! Come on someone, start up The Naked Loo Roll Company! You can have the name, just lob a lifetime’s supply of loo roll my way, cheers!

So yeah, I won’t be ordering from Who Gives A Crap again. I think it’s great that they donate 50% of their profits to providing toilets for people in need around the world but they are not a viable option for those of us looking to go plastic free on a budget! If you  want to give it a go anyway and decide for yourself then you can get £5 OFF by following this link:  https://www.talkable.com/x/meWV83

Our next batch of toilet roll is Ecoleaf but I have to admit I ordered before researching for this post and in hindsight I wish I’d ordered Greencane. I hadn’t realised the film part of their mostly paper packaging was a compostable bio film and in the name of penny pinching opted for a month’s worth of Ecoleaf. Nobody gets it right first time right?

I will no doubt be reporting back on the toilet roll situation in a month or so. Don’t forget you can follow The Plastic Switch on social media, just click the icons to the right. It’s always nice to meet new followers so do stop and say hello on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!


*Please note that all links contained in this blog post are purely for reference and NOT affiliate links. I do not profit in any way. The Who Gives A Crap discount link is purely promotional on their part and I receive no commission through readers using the link.

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